Friday, August 11, 2006

India 0.3 (we won)

I dont have time to write much today, but we just won first place at the imagine cup for our short film!! Here are some photos!! First we spent the day 2 days ago at the taj on the inside! wowo pretty amazing place. Since then we came back to Delhi and have won first place in short film. we're staying in an amazing hotel!! I've been sleeping on a king sized bed> so life is hard.. but tomorrow microsoft cuts us off and we're on our own. Off in the the Indian backcountry.

getting kicked out of press room.....bye


check out nicks blog too.


Anonymous said...

congratulations man!


Anonymous said...


Fantastic work on the festival. Maybe they won't suspect you're in Hezbollah after all.

Also, do you need any stunt drivers for the Box Man sequel? I can be in Delhi via Istanbul in just over 30 hours.


chelsea said...

hey man
first of all good stuff on the blogging secondly congratulations (!!!!) and third how are you

rohini said...

i just heard! congratulations on the highest level, i had a feeling about you! i hope the motherland is treating you well. take care and let me know if you need any contacts.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Congratulations Marr & Company!!! Keep up the good work pal! Strats