Tuesday, August 08, 2006

India 0.2

OK soooo Day 2/3 here have been pretty good. In the past two days Meg, NIck, Sam, and myself have started and completed our film entry for the 36 hour film competition here at the Imagine Cup. It should be up on our website soon "Paperheartfilm.com". In the mean time I have included some photos from our shoot in this entry. So for the on site contest the criteria was that we had to do a documentry about the imagine cup. So we thought long and hard about this and decided to do somehting a little more interesting than your standard documentry. We thought of this idea to follow around this fictional participent in the contest. He's a student in the algorithm category. But he is no ordinary student. This young man suffers from an ailment which has created many problems for him. He happens to take the physical form of a cardboard box. This idea is loosly based on a film I made in highschool which can be found here. If anything I would call our on site project a prequel to the one made in highschool obviously this character has aged and now holds a managerial role in a algorithm related company. So in the shooting of the on site I took the role of "Director of Photographer" as you can see me standing at the tajmahal on camera with our character in the frame. We knew we wanted to shoot there but we figured that security wouldn't allow us on the grounds with a massive box man. SOOO we talked to some of the locals/our microsoft appointed security guards and we were told that we could get to the back of the great palace right on the river bed. This served as a wonderful location. But because this location is pretty rural we drew quite the crowd including a small boy who raced towards us on a giant camel. An employee for microsoft named Laura was following us during the course of our film being shot and while we were shooting many children who had been down by the river crowded her and she seemed to have some fun with them. So we finished shooting and headed back to the all inclusive hotel palace where we are staying behind our giant walls and security check point areas. So we took the car back to the hotel and finsihed the movie (not without problems of course, like our computer short circuting and sparks flying out of the firewire port frying our dv decks). We finished in the end and screened the short film to our fellow competitiors and we all had a good time. Today is stress free so if you need to find me I'll be in this room for microsoft employees only (which I'm about to get kicked out of due to my lack of credentials) or lounging by the pool. Tomorrow we return to Delhi.


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