Sunday, August 06, 2006

India 0.1

OK so I flew to India and am here now. Wait, lets go back a step and show the process. So I get to Toronto hop on the plane (after getting my flight changed so I can stay for two months in europe for september, and october) and sit a\down shoot some shots of myself. Then get some shots of teh run way then next thing you know we're in zurich. That's what that crazy perspective is, the swiss liek their perspective. Then we took off and were in teh air again for another 8 hours. then we get into India and the madness begins! We are struck by a mad house of people with signs in the airport, we find teh imagine cup people from microsoft. they bring us outside and right away we're bombarded by honking and people running around one guy is standing on top of a truck there's a pack of wild dogs biting at eachother, pure madness. we pile into a little van coach and after some honking and screaming the driver gets us onto the road. The roads here are insane. There were 6 people on top of a truck full of grain just hanging off teh edges of teh roof, people everywhere. we take this bus to dinner at a little hotel in Delhi, where we meet up with the rest of our team and have a bite to eat before driving for another 5 hours down the "highway" (not a highway by any standerds) we spot a lot of wild cows and camels pulling carts more wild dogs people sleeping on bikes. we watch the sun rise and get to the hotel here in agra. The juxtoposition is stagering. Microsoft has rented out this whole palace of a hotel for the imagine cup, however outside our walls are thousands of people living on teh streets, the lack of wealth distribution is amazing, but despite that everyone seems happy. and who can blame them so far this country is beautiful.


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