Monday, May 29, 2006

Monday May 29th, 2006 the day the transit strook.

I woke up today to find out that the infamous "TTC" was on strike. I attempted to cover the action as best I could but I had some errends to run too. So to start the day I left my home and walked by the subway station. Usually quite busy with people today it seemed quite vacant. hmmm how odd.

So then I stroled down to the hardware store where I had a conversation with a stranger about her sore throat. The transit strike was a secondary concern and despire the inconvenience these people in hardware land didn't seem too concerned, they were too busy searching for their specialty items.

After finishing my business at teh hardware store I met up with my friend Jeff. We decided it would be a good idea to investigate this transit buisness and at teh same time have a healthy walk down to queen and bathurst area to have lunch and buy some records and concert tickets.

Shortly after leaving his house we stoped at teh bank where I took a shot of the date flanked by a mural of a street car, you'd think I was getting paid for material like this. After that we went on
our way and decided to stop and purchase some fresh cherries. Boy were they ever good. I noted the the streets seemed busier than normal with foot traffic, but it was 32 degrees out after all. No one was cursing the name of the transit people or anyhting like that. To the best of my knowledge at this point no animals had been sacraficed to the transit gods. So we countinued our walk, now happier of course having some cherries to waste our time chewing and swallowing (except the pits of course). After awhile we got close to the street car yard where they keep all the street cars. As suspected it was a "media frenzy" I mean reporters everywhere, I was being trampled alive by men in press uniforms who were flying in from every direction. I real wild thing to witness. Luckily I got this shot here really showing
the madness that was taking place.
So at this point we said "I've had enough of this press mayhem, and decided to start our trek down queen street with records and lunch being our inspiration for the difficult walk ahead. We saw other walkers some walked by ambiguous passage ways. Which can be seen here. It wasn't much longer after that, that we heard the rumbling of some tracks behind us. It was a streetcar and it was in action. We jumped and laughed and there was rejoice in the streets. I thought to myself "this must have been what the people of iraq felt like when those statues of
Saddam started coming down." Oh what a happy moment it was. Although that feeling was short lived, soon to be replaced by the realisation that we nolonger had a cause to be walking for. Transit was now a viable option, but that didn't stop us. We treked on paying no mind to the electric dinosaurs that now roamed our streets.

Well finally we reached our destination and I bought some tickets to dungen for their show next tuesday and jeff bought a cd (which you left in my back pack, meet me at the subway station tomorrow to get it back).

After that we went to the "Shanghai Cowgirl" restaurant where I had a burger and fries and jeff had some garlic break and onion rings. We discussed all sorts of intelectual topics and got looks from our fellow diners obviously assuming we were nasa scientists or some other highly regarded person of science and luxury.

After that we decided that eating out was expensive and continued our trek on foot. We walked all the way to the grocery store where we bought all sorts of fine dineries. then I went home
and decided to write a blog about my transit investigation.

Conclusion, transit is a pretty interesting topic to talk about with your friends, unless you're in a hardware store, where everyone knows there's no room for small talk, that's how people get hurt.

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